We are beyond expert at marketing and a highly valuable partner for you!
We put a lot of thought into this to make it easy to work with our company and offer spouse/group programs.

Since many planners simply don't have the time,
manpower or connections to offer programs in New York City, our team coordinates everything...including the marketing to generate enthusiasm from stakeholders and excite the attending audience!
...Take this off your planning plate!


A custom event website. Online registration. Online payment.
Yeah...We've got that for you at no additional charge!

If you need attendees to pay for their own registration, we're equipped with full capability to manage both the registration and revenue intake.

Marketing and Registration Options:

ONE: Already have a meeting/conference website?
We'll provide you with customized copy, images and a link to online registration for your program. Just add all the information to your existing website and we will manage the revenue and attendee lists.

TWO: You've embedded guest programs/fees into your meeting/conference registration process
In this scenario, participants register through your registration form and then we receive a master attendee list and program fees from you.

THREE: Your com pany is hosting the progra ms:
We will design a custom website so attendees can see information about the program.  RSVP's can be managed by us or by your internal team.


Educate and excite participants with a custom website to promote the programs!
We provide a complimentary custom-designed, exclusive event website to promote your programs and generate enthusiasm from participants in preparation for their NYC adventures with us!



No need for complexity...The event website is designed to be attractive, informative, generate excitement and elicit action from participants to RSVP or register online.