When you're in New York City, how can you resist buying yourself a little something-something?

Mixed in with the culture, dining and activities for our excursions,
we'll visit different areas of town that cater to a variety of price points and provide ample time for shopping.


  • Designer Showrooms and Designer Sales: Every major designer has a showroom in New York City and we can get you in the door!

  • Fifth Avenue: Home to Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, we have the personal relationships to make the group's visit extra special with VIP attention and goodies galore.

  • Upper East Side: Bloomies, baby! We'll plan a "master class", demonstration or a fashion show for the group to enjoy.

  • SoHo: A funky and fun area of town, SoHo is THE place to discover emerging designers and purchase something unique to wear back home that's truly a NYC "find".

  • Canal Street: There’s nothing like the cleverness of pairing designer clothing with belts, scarves and sunglasses that are trendy and absolute bargains. Canal Street has store after store filled with inexpensive accessories to embellish more expensive clothing. The "hunt" is part of the fun!