Still dazzled by the city!
Patty Stern, CMP
Chief of Creativity

I can vividly recall my first visit to NYC when I was 19 years old. I was dazzled as my Aunt Lori took me to shop at all the classic stores (Bergdorf's, Bendels, Saks, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Macy's) and introduced me to "high tea" at The Plaza...


This was a life-changing experience! I fell in love with New York City and learning the "right" way to shop shaped my style forevermore...

I've always been creative and resourceful and discovered I could use my talents to compose interesting spouse & guest programs. So, that's what I did during the 10-plus years I produced conferences in Dallas, Texas for small to large local and inbound companies and associations from all over the world.


Flash-forward 25 years from my first visit and a move to New York City in 2009. Older, wiser, more money to shop with and savvier about where to spend it...
I was still dazzled by all that New York City has to offer: Shopping, museums, restaurants, history, wandering through neighborhoods to seek out hidden gems.

I bring a heart-felt approach to designing the programs. While I was initially able to experience everything the city has to offer from a newcomer's perspective, the thrill I felt then for every new adventure is still alive and thriving! I put that exact energy into designing every program for spouses and groups spending time in New York City to give them the thrill of a lifetime, too!
Look forward to hearing from you...

Still in love with NYC!
Elaine Toth, CMP
Chief of Client Experiences

"Been there, done that"...
I've lived in New York City since 1972 so to say I know the town like the back of my hand would be an understatement! 

The Fashion Institute of Technology is what brought me to the city; I studied fashion textile and marketing and after graduating, immersed myself in the glamorous world of the fashion industry!

My career developed working for a well-known sportswear company, where I spent 21 years in various sales positions on the

ladies ready-to-wear side of the fashion business.

Ironically, it was through my background in the fashion industry that I became involved in event planning. While with Kasper and ASL,

I took on the role of planning internal events at major department stores: Planning fashion shows and coordinating cosmetic sponsor

product giveaways and guest appearances.

I had finally found my calling...Learning through a series of event planning experiences, I discovered a whole new career that I wanted more of!
Eventually, I left the fashion industry to pursue my degree from NYU in Conference and Event Planning. From there, I started planning corporate meetings and events for pharmaceutical and financial companies.

Yeah, I'm a little jaded...and yet nothing is more gratifying to me than the chance to introduce visitors to the fabulousness that is NYC by planning memorable programs that are exciting and allow us to share the rich history of the city.